‘Food and Exercise as Medicine’ – From Hippocrates to Modern Times

This was the title of my poster presented earlier this year at the biannual conference of the International Hippocratic Foundation of Kos, in Kos, Greece

In researching the Hippocratic writings, my aim was to add an objective argument to the authority of Hippocrates and collect and systematise evidence from the written body of Hippocratic tradition which was used by later doctors and scientists, including Galen and upon which much of modern medicine has been built.

The Hippocratic doctors weren’t aware of the human genome, but they understood that each person is different and should be treated as such. They therefore advocated the use of a meticulous medical history, which included the individual’s previous state of being, health and illness, their environment and their previous known reaction to foods.

Could it then be argued that they were practicing the equivalent of modern nutrigenomics?

More research may bring to light the scientific background behind the lifestyle modification  treatments used by the ancient doctors.