Health-Being Services


Our services are based on the four pillars of Health-Being:                                              Food – Exercise – Relaxation – Connection 

Our years of hands-on clinical experience and peer-reviewed research has resulted in the Health-Being Way which engages people in finding their way back to health. Using our personalised program Δiaita each client receives their own individualised nutritional and lifestyle program.

  • We support people who want to attain a healthy body weight and improve their general health, using our innovative nutritional and lifestyle approach: Δiaita
  • We work with people who want to take responsibility for their own health & we create Personal Programs for Step by Step Changes to Diet and Lifestyle
  • We support people who face cancer and its’ consequences by creating for each individual a holistic personal program to meet the various stages of their ‘cancer journey’: preparing them to face anti-cancer treatment, helping them to deal with the side effects and long-term consequences of the various oncological therapies and finally supporting them to full recovery and living well with/after cancer.
  • We work with people who live with long-term medical conditions and want to make a long-lasting improvement to their health and well-being using nutritional & lifestyle approaches